New Three-Zone Flash Tutorial


The third installment in our series of mass balance tutorials is on the three zone mass balance model. Using this tutorial, you can explore realistic 3-room residential layouts and potential exposures that may occur when a smoker is in an adjacent room.

A New Two-Zone Flash-Based Tutorial


I just added a new Flash-based tutorial on the two-zone mass balance model. This tutorial allows you to interactively explore the effect of different parameters on the transport of pollution generated in one room to an adjacent room. In the future, I will be adding more Flash-based tutorials, and I will create Flash simulations of secondhand smoke exposure aimed at different audiences.

New Flash-Based Tutorials


I have started created tutorials that make use of the Flash animation player. To start, the first tutorial is on the mass balance model. This model is one of the the basic building blocks for simulating indoor exposure to SHS.

New Car Simulation Using Flash Animation

Announcements Car Exposure

We have created a new simulation using Flash animation technology. You will need to install the Adobe Flash Player to view this simulation. Currently, you must be a registered user to use this simulation. So please register!

Free Custom Simulations Available


The creator of this website, Dr. Neil Klepeis, is available to perform custom simulations of tobacco smoke exposure for policy or education purposes -- in most cases free of charge. This service is intended to assist those website visitors who may want to explore a specific exposure situation or who may want to compare a variety of different potential exposures, such as those taking place in sophisticated multizone environments or involving prescribed human activity patterns.

To request a custom simulation, please send a message to Dr. Klepeis using the Feedback Form.

New Bar and Restaurant Simulation

Announcements Bar and Restaurant Exposure

I just added a new simulation for SHS concentrations in smoking and nonsmoking rooms of a bar or restaurant. Check it out here.

Added Particle Deposition


I've added particle deposition to the simulations. The inclusion of particle loss due to deposition onto surfaces doesn't change the results very much, but it is a well known phenomena that acts to reduce airborne levels of SHS particles. Ventilation is usually a much stronger factor than deposition in removing SHS particles from a given location.

Simulations Available to All


OK, I've made the simulations available to both registered and unregistered users. We'll see how it works.

Change in Access


Important Change in Access: I've decided for the time being to disable the guestbook feature due to spam. Also, simulations will only be available to registered users to avoid overloading the servers. It is easy to register!

A New Two-Zone Simulation


I've created a basic two-zone simulation for houses where the interior space is best modeled by two well-mixed rooms rather than one. Run it here.

I am working on improving the simulation output.

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