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This website guides visitors in running interactive computer models that simulate exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in homes, cars, restaurants, pubs, and most any other location. Please register!

Smokers Emit More Pollution Than Cars

In the News Car Exposure

An article in the Orange County register presents a smoker who is also a smog technician. Compared to the emissions from the tailpipe of a car, the smoker is "a gross polluter." In fact, while cars only emit about 200 micrograms of fine particle mass per mile driven, a smoked cigarette emits about 10,000 micrograms. What does this mean for people riding inside a car with a smoker? You can explore this issue using the simulations available on this website.

List of Smoking Bans in the U.S.

In the News Multi-Location Exposure

The Wikipedia website has an ongoing list of all the current smoking bans in effect in the United States. Do the potential levels of secondhand smoke in the banned locations justify the ban? You can simulate indoor levels of secondhand smoke using some of the tools on this website.

Oakland, CA Enacts Outdoor Smoking Ban

In the News Outdoor Exposure

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland, California has passed a law banning outdoor smoking in ATM lines, parks, bus stops, and golf courses.

California Bans Smoking in Cars with Minors Present

In the News Car Exposure

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill that bans smoking in cars when there are hildren 17 or under. Those caught doing so will face a $100 fine. The infraction will be a secondary offense, meaning that a police officer could not stop a motorist only for smoking in a car with a minor. Use the car exposure simulation to see how high secondhand smoke levels can be in cars.

Belmont, CA Bans Smoking in Apartments

In the News Residential Exposure

The city of Belmont, California has passed a law banning smoking inside multi-unit housing. Soon, we at SimSmoke.Org will offer tools to explore exposures caused by leakage or drift of secondhand smoke between apartment or condominium units.

New Website for Tobacco Smoke Outreach

Tobacco Research Multi-Location Exposure

The founder of the SimSmoke.Org website is now contributing to a new website TobaccoSmoke.Org, which aims to disseminate scientific information on exposure to secondhand smoke to the public. The new website contains booklets and briefings on published exposure measurements in cars, homes, the outdoors, and other locations.

New Research on Secondhand Smoke in Cars and Vehicle Air Change Rates

Tobacco Research Car Exposure

A new article has been published (July 2007) on the amount of secondhand smoke air pollution that can occur in automobiles under various conditions. The Stanford University researchers (Ott, Klepeis, and Switzer) also measured many air exchange rates for different types of automobiles, which are valuable for use in simulating in-vehicle exposures to secondhand smoke as we do on the SimSmoke.Org website.

outdoor ETS dispersion

Outdoor Exposure Discussion

Are there studies on outdoor ETS dispersion/modeling?

test chambers

General Discussion

Do you have some information about test chambers for ETS? I'm looking for information on chambers for smoke dispersion testing, not for exposure testing.
Got some information at the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. There is this study from RJ Reynolds, "A TEST CHAMBER AND INSTRUMENTATION FOR THE ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE (ETS)".

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