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Do you have some information about test chambers for ETS? I'm looking for information on chambers for smoke dispersion testing, not for exposure testing.
Got some information at the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. There is this study from RJ Reynolds, "A TEST CHAMBER AND INSTRUMENTATION FOR THE ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE (ETS)".

We might want to talk more

We might want to talk more about this. You should look at the Nazaroff papers from the 1990's where his group measured mixing rates of simulated tobacco smoke in a chamber (see below). The folks at LBNL have done more chamber tests and modeling. You should look at their site (http://eetd.lbl.gov/ie/IEDpubs.html). We are just beginning studies of mixing and dispersion for indoor environments, but we will be using a _real_ indoor environment to study how people and typical home factors affect the dispersion of tobacco smoke (HVAC, movement, windows, doors).

A. C. Drescher, C. Lobascio, A. J. Gadgil, W. W. Nazaroff (1995) Mixing of a Point-Source Indoor Pollutant by Forced Convection Indoor Air 5 (3), 204–214.

Baughman, AV, Gadgil, AJ and Nazaroff, WW, 1994, "Mixing of a point source pollutant by natural convection flow within a room." Indoor Air 4, pp. 114-122